Apple unveiled iOS 13 yesterday. There are many features included in the update. However, some smaller and hidden changes wait for us to discover.

Smart Battery Charging

The first is Smart Battery Charging, which will record the user's habits when charging the phone, like how long you will charge one time at a specific time. Apple learns from each record for improving iPhone battery health and longevity. For example, when it notices the time that you charge overnight, the iPhone may wait until 2 hours before you wake up to finish charging from 80% to 100%.

Full Page Screenshots

The second is Full Page Screenshots. Remember when you used to take the screenshot in the whole page, you need to take several parts and combine them. Now, Apple has solved this problem. Take a screenshot in Safari, you have the option of capturing the entire page.

Automatically Close Tabs in Safari

The third is Automatically Close Tabs in Safari. I believe normal people accumulate a lot of tabs when they are browsing. AND they don’t close one which is useless until they have found they are too much. Now iOS includes a new feature. We can have Safari automatically close all of tabs after one day, one week, or one month. It depends on your settings. 

Maps App Updates

The fourth is Maps App Updates. Apple has improved Maps a lot. Beside ‘Look Around’, which shows the street-level imagery from the current location, it also offers new information about flights, including terminal data, departure details, and more. One interesting change is Siri guidance. For instance, instead of saying “in 1,000 feet turn left,” Siri says, “turn left at the next traffic light.” (such a friendly language to me!)

Low Data Mode

The fifth is Low Data Mode. If you have used Android before, you must be familiar with this function. Now Apple finally has this, which can help apps on your iPhone reduce their network data use.