No matter where you are in the world, which country you are in, almost everyone should stay home. Some police already ask people for penalties if you play outside or have a party at home. Do you feel these days are boring, tiring, bad? Even you got the chance to work from home. Then you found out that talking to your manager and colleagues is better than only staying at home. 

Today, I would like to tell you one fun activity at home, other than watching movies, playing games, reading, working. That is playing jigsaw puzzles. 

Don't look down on jigsaw puzzles! This amusement is not only an entertainment but also impacting your whole life. Why do I say it? First, it can cultivate your patience. Second, it will increase your relationship with your family, love, children. In the end, it will be your masterpiece and collection. Get the frame, fit the puzzle in it and hang on the wall. See you will get the wall with your masterpieces after this quarantine.

How to choose the type of jigsaw puzzles?

1. Time

How much time you want to spend playing depends on your patience. If you are a beginner, I recommend you choose one with 1000 pieces, which is usually finished around 2-3 days, or 10 hours.

You will feel a sense of achievement when you finish it in a short time and get more motivation to keep playing the next one. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 1.05.10 PM.png

Next, take a look at one with 2000 pieces, which take almost one month, 24 hours total.


I will suggest if you want to play the one with 3000 pieces, you should already know you really enjoy playing puzzles a lot. We are not able to whether it only takes 30 hours just because it is 3 times than 1000 just because the complicating factor that precludes an accurate time estimate is that is not only the number of pieces that contributes to the difficulty of a puzzle but also the complexity of the pieces themselves. A 3000 piece puzzles can have many similar patterns, colors, and even layers. If you try to play it everyday, it's still hard to finish within two months. 


2. Pattern

Line clear, easier, ex. cartoon, animation.

puzzle .jpg

Related to Scene, Usually Harder.

Can you imagine the pattern of a blue sky with white clouds? a black sky full of stars? the ocean with many similar fishes? It will be really hard to finish such puzzles. 


Let's play puzzles during coronavirus quarantine!