We always worry about bacteria when we are cleaning home. But with Bondi Wash cleaning spray set, there’re no worries anymore. My mom had used towels with soap to wipe the floor for few decades. It’s not easy to clean it up but she got used to do it everyday. However, after she used the set of cleaning spray from Bondi Wash, she felt like it’s easier to clean up the house and it’s even better! Amazing effect!

The set contacts three products: 

1.Floor Wash

Gentle but effective!!  It can be used directly on a wet sponge to clean surfaces including most fabric, which freshen the household while killing germs. Highly concentrated so only a small amount is needed and added to warm water and clean floors or other surfaces.

2.Mist Spray for Rooms & Linens 

With their base of Australian bush oils, this spray is perfect for deodorising and killing germs, which was tested to meet 'kill 99.9% of germs' standard.

3.Bench Spray

With the natural oils and plant-based ingredients, this multi-purpose spray smell like a perfume but clean very effectively while killing bacteria and germs. It can also be used on all types of surfaces including most fabrics. Just make sure you wipe down with water or rinse after spraying.