Minimalist Bedroom

When designing or decorating a home it's always important to pay attention to small details. Thus, today I would like to share some popular small pieces that many people would buy to decorate bedrooms from Anthropologie.

1.Mia Vase     

Simple style – These vases are crafted from matte earthenware in an assortment of soft pastel shades, which can bring a modern but feminine touch to any arrangement. You can put this on the corner of my desk, and it is really artistic and warm.

2.Malina Lantern

A delicate pattern swirls around this lantern, adding depth and ambiance to any space. When you are getting tired, light a candle and take a break to relax. It would be great to get a candle holder, and this one catches eyes.

3.Artemis Jewelry Box 

Women are fans of jewelry, so we might need a place to put our jewelry. This clear glass jewelry box allows us to protect, display, and admire our favorite pieces all at once.

4. Woven Sawyer Throw Blanket 

On beds, if you would like to lay a blanket, this one is made with handwoven cotton and wool, and it is soft and nice design.