What are top 10 popular topics on YouTube? One of them must be Makeup. People like to watch makeup tutorials and reviews on YouTube, which help them learn about new products and how to apply them as well as decide which products they prefer.

Now, YouTube has a new tool that allows us to try on makeup in a split-screen experience while following along with YouTube creators. The new tool is called AR Beauty Try-On.

We can see the screen separating two parts. The YouTube makeup review or tutorial video plays at the top of the screen and your own front-facing camera is below. The viewer could access different colors of lipstick and apply them to our own face while the video plays above.

YouTube's testing out an alpha version of this feature with FameBit, Google's branded content platform. MAC Cosmetics ran the first YouTube AR lipstick ad campaign, with initial testing showing 30% of viewers interacting with the reality experience for over 80 seconds.

AR Beauty Try-On is the latest of several AR initiatives from Google. However, there are plenty of apps already offering AR product try-ons, like Sephora's Virtual Artist, Ulta's GLAMLab, and L'Oréal's Facebook partnership.